Critical illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a policy that supports you if you come down with a life-threatening illness. When you're unable to work due to any of the illnesses listed in the policy, you can receive the assured sum. Some of these policies pay over a period of time, but many may pay out a one-time lump sum and that is generally tax-free.

It is not compulsory that the sum that has been received has to be used for any medical treatment. You are free to use this lump sum to pay for medical bills which are not covered by your medical insurance and to handle bills and other financial needs such as your house payment, utilities, etc.

It is necessary to have critical illness insurance if your medical insurance policy does not have critical illness coverage. The medical expenses towards critical illness are very high and even after meeting your hospitalization expenses money would be required for post illness treatment/recovery.

Keep in mind, critical illness insurance would relieve you of your financial burden to a great extent in case misfortune strikes you. Contact us and get the best quote available.