Policies for Business Owners

Business insurance policies assure protection from all major property and liability risks in one package. This policy covers the loss of income resulting from possible vulnerabilities such as fire, short circuit or other catastrophe disasters that disrupt the operation of the business.

Any items owned by the business or business owner or by a third party but temporarily held in the control of the business shall be under insurance coverage hence peace of mind is assured.

In some cases, the benefits may include the extra expense caused for operating out of a temporary location.

Apart from that, some policies protect your organization's legal responsibility for the losses it may cause to others. This may be a result of things that you or your company workers fail to do in your business operations that caused property damage or bodily injury due to faulty installations and errors in services provided.

In addition to standard coverage, there a lot of options or endorsements available on business owner's policies which allow business owners to tailor a policy to their specific needs. Business owner's policies are not available to every business and its eligibility requirements vary among insurance providers so contact us to check the eligibility and to start framing your new business owner's policy.